Fuel Price

  • LPG: 75p
  • Petrol: 138p
  • Diesel: 146p

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Hilton Autogas are the technical & installation centre for Prins Autogas UK.

Customers were asked
  • How do you rate Performance and Reliability of Prins System?
  • How do you rate Installation Standard & Back up support of Hilton?
  • Any Other Comments?

"I brought my LPG 2004 BMW M3 in to you the week before last to address a fault with the autogas system. I thought it would be worth the time to tell you, for the benefit of your other clients and potential clients, how delighted I was with the truly exceptional level of service I received.

The engineer who worked on my car was happy for me to "hang around" and observe... Working in an engineering capacity myself, I am always interested in all-things-technical. It was immediately obvious that he knew your products intimately and knew exactly how to troubleshoot. Furthermore, the experience he clearly had was obvious! I think one can tell when a technician is calling upon previous experience as opposed to just "what's written in the books". This, I saw in spades.

Not only this, but "that'll do" is an expression which just doesn't get said around your workshops it seems... I believe the engineer's exact words were "nothing goes out of here unless its perfect". From one engineer to another, that's exactly what I want to hear.

All-in-all, I was very well looked after, assured of technical competence beyond my expectations and the price was very reasonable too! I have nothing bad to say.

I'm sorry to say that here in Britain of late, such high levels of service these days is very hard to come by. When it comes to something as complicated as a vehicle engine upgrade, I am very glad to know that I can call on your expertise anytime I need to! "

Mr Evers, BMW M3

"The system has been superb. No loss of power and drives exactly the same compared to petrol. Having run LPG vehicles on our small fleet for the last 500,000 miles previously, since using you we have found the installation, service and support to be of the absolute highest quality. I would not, and have not, hesitated to recommend you. If anyone is thinking about having their car converted then do it sooner and reap the benefits!"
Mr Thomas, Porsche Cayenne

"The level of Service & support offered by Billy & his team at Hilton Autogas is more than excellent. He & team members take a personal pride in achieving the best installations as possible. Neat, tidy & serviceable. I have had 3 cars converted by Hilton & have had no problems with any, also any minor teathing issues are ironed out to his satisfaction & the Customers.

His highly trained technicians have the skill desire & ability to analyse problems & solve as required.I cannot thank the team enough for the support offered. Hilton like to use the Dutch Prins system, I believe to be known as one of the best on the market. I have been very pleased with this system, it drives as though the car is not converted. Switching manually to petrol appears to make no difference to how it drives at all.

Driving LPG gas converted vehicles is an excellent way to either run big thirsty engined cars like 4x4's for a reasonable price per mile or running a more usual car far cheaper per mile due to price per litre. I am happy for potential customers to contact via Billy to assure you that I recommend them to anybody. Its a shame many Companies aren't run with the passion of this team. Good luck & happy cheaper driving.."
Mr Cory, Range Rover Sport & Range Rover P38

"With the Prins system fitted it is impossible to tell any difference in performance of the car. It has performed faultless in the time fitted. The only area I've notice a difference is on the wallet!

The vehicle has been displayed at a number of car shows around the country were we receive alot of positive comments regarding the installation of the LPG. Usually along the lines of "this is the neatest installation I've seen" and this has been from other autogas companies! The back up Hilton Auto Gas offered has been second to none.

I've recommend them to a number of other American car owners who have now had there cars converted and now experienced the same level of service as I have."
Nick, Ford Mustang

"From checking around with other experts, all the quality conversions use the Prins system. Hilton Autogas are excellent at what they do. When I took my car in initially, they had never converted and SL. We discussed the best solution with regards to tank size. My main concern was the positioning of the filler cap as I had seen some conversions where the filler cap was obvious. The car was booked in and I was told it would be ready in 7 days.

With regards to the filler cap positioning, I was emailed pictures showing potential sites before the actual hole was cut. On collection of the car, I was amazed at how they had found such a discrete position for the filler cap along with the excellent position for the fuel indicator inside the car. All the work had been carried out to an amazing standard, such that the brackets holding the tank in the boot were custom made, everything was fitted brilliantly and the roof still went down into the remaining boot space.

Having then taken it for a test drive I was handed the New conversion certificate, shown how to fill the tank and of I went. Have had the car now for 4 weeks and can safely say the car still performs and what would have cost over £90 per tank now cost just less than £30. I would recommend Hilton Autogas for any one in the midlands wanting to get a petrol car converted."
Mr Birdi, Mercedes SL500

"So far I can say that I can detect absolutely no difference in performance whether running on gas or petrol ? it would be impossible to tell which fuel you?re running on if it weren?t for the indicator. Can?t say much about reliability yet as it?s only been on for a month, but have total confidence that the system fitted is of the highest standard.

Very pleased overall with the installation ? everything was clearly explained to me and the Installation is extremely neat and professionally done. Hilton have been excellent in solving an initial minor problem, and, due to their experience with this engine, knew the cause of a reduction in performance, which was nothing to do with the lpg conversion, before the main Mercedes Benz dealer did! Am getting an overall equivalent of appx. 36-38 m.p.g ?excellent for a 360bhp, 5.4 litre engine. "
Mr Cund, Mercedes E55 AMG

"There are two things that are important when getting a car converted to LPG, the system and the Installation. On both accounts Hilton have been a godsend; I have had several cars converted with LPG, always with Prins and I have never had an issue with reliability. Yet some of the installations I have had before, previous to Hilton were a complete dog?s dinner, whereas Hilton?s installation looks the part and certainly delivers. I would never hesitate to recommend Hilton to any person wishing to get their car converted."
Mr Steadman, Volvo V70