Fuel Price

  • LPG: 75p
  • Petrol: 138p
  • Diesel: 146p

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Prins VSI

Developed to provide solution for increasing numbers of engines which are affected by valves and valves seats when using LPG.

Petrol, as a fuel, includes additives which protect & coat valves and valve seats however this addititive is not found in LPG fuel. Therefore some engines are not suitable for LPG conversion unless a solution is available, for this Prins have the Valvecare system and the benefits include:

  • Applicable on all engines equipped with a Prins system
  • Always the correct dosage of ValveCare additive based on the actual LPG/CNG consumption
  • Economical consumption of additive due to its correct dosage
  • Decreases valves and valve seats’ wear
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Also applicable for turbocharged engines
  • Optimal performance, even on heavy loads
  • Equal dosage of ValveCare additive over all cylinders through the unique dosing unit
  • Buzzer of Prins system will sound when running out of ValveCare additive

Download the ValveCare User manual here: