Fuel Price

  • LPG: 75p
  • Petrol: 138p
  • Diesel: 146p

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LPG is stored in a liquid state, it is delivered under pressure to the vapouriser and it's here the conversion into it's a gaseous form takes place.

Technical Specifications:

  • R67-01 & CSA homologated
  • Compact design: Ø125*95mm
  • Solid design: tested with 60 bar burst pressure
  • Black anodised aluminium
  • Adjustable pressure: 1,7 –2,6 Bar
  • System pressure control with single stage valve.
  • Optional MAP connection. (for turbo charged engines).
  • Very Stable dynamic pressure behaviour compared to other single stage reducers.
  • Flexible lock off valve both standard as BFC as well.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.